Smart Number is a service offered by Guageconcepts that enables personal branding on phone numbers. It's a personalized telephone number provided to individuals or businesses to enable them attach their identity to contact numbers used in reaching them. These are provided on the access code 0700 and 0800.

Because they say show me is more powerful than tell me, here's how Smart Numbers look like; 0700YourBusinessName, 0700Guageconcepts, 07003000000, 08002000000, 0800EbolaAlert etc.

0800 are toll-free while 0700 are non toll-free smart numbers.

We Offer Two Brand Of Smart Numbers!

1) Toll-Free Number: This is a special service which allows you to receive calls from your customers and prospects without letting them incur any cost.
Statistics shows that 90% of Nigerian mobile phone users are pre-paid customers and 80% of these pre-paid users generally have less than NGN100.00 as an average balance in their pre-paid account. This always discourages them from calling or sending any SMS to query or as a feedback on company's products or services they want to subscribe to or purchase.
Many surveys has showed that customers are more interested in communicating on a toll-free channel rather than on a toll channel like regular phone billing plan.

Why You Need Toll-Free Number

  • It encourages more people to call for your services
  • It communicate to potential prospects that your business has the capacity to carry on its operation
  • It's a means of business development
  • It Easily provide source of feedback from customers
  • It's a means of brand integrity
  • Toll-free numbers translate into an increase in buiness patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.

Toll-free numbers comes in this form: 0800YourBizName, 0800AnyNumberYouWant

2) Non-Toll Free Number: Our non-toll free number enables individuals and businesses to brand their telephone number. Unlike our Toll-free number where callers doesn't incur any cost for calls, Non-toll free numbers works opposite. Callers are charged the normal network call rates when they call your non-toll free numbers. Please note, there's no additional charges imposed for calling or receiving a call on our 0700 smart numbers.

Toll-free numbers comes in this form: 0700YourBizName, 0700AnyNumberYouWant

Our smart numbers service is connected to all the network provider in Nigeria. It can also receive calls from international network. We have made setup cheap, easy and works seamlessly with your existing phone number regardless of which network you are using. You don't need to load a recharge card to our smart number.

Smart Numbers Plans

Smart Number Type
No. of Phone Number Linked Setup Cost Validity
Toll-Free (0800YourName) 1-2 N150,000 1 year
Toll-Free (0800YourName) 3-5 N260,000 1 year
Toll-Free (0800YourName) 6-10 N380,000 1 year
Toll-Free (0800YourName) 11 & Above N850,000 1 year
Toll-Free (0800YourName) 1 N72,000 6 Months
Non Toll-Free (0700Your Name) 1 N50,000 1 year
Non Toll-Free (0700Your Name) 1 N40,000 6 Months


To dial a SMAT Number, press ONCE the keypad reflecting each of the alphabet that form the name you wish to spell on the phone. The name dialed will be displayed as digits e.g.

To dial 0700-CALLGUAGE, 0700225548243 will show on your phone screen and then press ENTER (DIAL).



  • Type 1: Dial 0700 or 0800 number range as the case may be. Then press the ‘Alt’ key permanently and press the keys of the alphabets that spell SMAT number. When done, release the ‘Alt’ key and press the dial button on the phone key pad. The call will go through while displaying the 0700 or 0800 and SMAT name in alphabets. E.g. 0700GUAGECARE

  • Type 2: Go to the menu page of the blackberry phone and tap on the ‘phone symbol’. You will see a display that says ‘Dial a number’. Input the 0700 or 0800 as the case may be. Press the ‘Alt’ key permanently while you dial the corresponding alphabets that spell the SMAT number. It will appear in capital letters after the 0700 or 0800 number range. Then press the ‘SEND’ key and the call will go while the display will be 0700 (THE ALPHABETS SPELLING THE SMAT NUMBER IN CAPITAL LETTERS). E.g. 0700CALLGUAGE

  • Type 3: The only difference with the type 2 is that when you press the ‘SEND’ key, the call will go while the display will show the numerical digits that translate to the SMAT number as if dialed from a phone that is not a blackberry.
    e.g. 0700GUAGECON will display as 070048243266

Our robust system will provide you with accurate monthly Calls Detail Record (CDR) via email at the end of each month. Any unused balance will automatically be rolled over to the next month.

Setup Your Smart Number Now!

Setup takes 72 hours after we confirm your payment.

You Can Make Payment In Two Ways;

Direct Bank Deposit

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You can make bank transfer!

Online Payment With ATM Card

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