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If you need a winning business proposal, our seasoned business proposal writers will consult with you. We will then customize, write/edit, and optimize your proposal. For the past 27 years, our business proposals have generated more than $6 billion in new revenue for our clients. If we don’t think we can help you succeed, we will not accept your business.
Unlike a business plan which is created to run a company or raise capital, a business proposal is a bid to obtain business. There are two types of business proposals

For Solicited and Unsolicited Proposals

GuageConcepts helps organizations win new business by preparing solicited and unsolicited proposals. What’s the difference? A solicited proposal is one developed in response to a formal request. For example, if you receive a Request for Proposal (RFP) to which you would like to respond, we’ll prepare a solicited proposal. These proposals must follow the solicitation requirements.
On the other hand, if you want to present your product or service to a client and there is no solicitation document, we’ll prepare an unsolicited proposal. These proposals allow greater flexibility, but both require a winning strategy.

A Competent Partner

We understand that a proposal represents a first impression of your company, a marketing tool, and a new business opportunity. Also, we know that it can create obligations of performance and even present opportunities for loss. For all of these reasons, proposal writing is serious business. Given the important consequences of our work, we maintain a competent team of proposal professionals. If you are interested, learn more about our team.

We remain steadfast in our meticulous attention to detail and transparent in our writing processes. Our clients receive daily opportunities to review the work in progress, provide feedback, and request changes.



Three Key Elements

We seek to uncover your prospective client’s needs, challenges and best solutions. A winning business proposal requires optimum communication and is best written in the language of your potential client. For example, if the proposal will be evaluated by the marketing department, we will use marketing jargon.

Superior Solution and Benefits
The recipient must understand why your solution is superior to all others. The proposal must clearly demonstrate the benefits to be gained and losses to be avoided by doing business with your company.

Recipients look for proof of your ability to deliver your product or service on time and on budget. Where possible, we include qualifications, customer endorsements and industry-related data. We will also include contingencies and metrics that demonstrate your competence.

Keep in mind that you may not win every bid. You will win the proposals where you demonstrate that your company can best solve the needs of the prospective client.

An Optimal Business Proposal requires some or all of the following

1. An irresistible business proposal cover letter

2. Optimized executive summary

3. Understanding of your prospective client’s challenges

4. Your client’s needs, objectives, and commitments

5. Your strategies and how they best meet your prospective client’s needs

6. Your strategies and how they best meet your prospective client’s needs

7. Your strategies and how they best meet your prospective client’s needs

8. Your optimal solution

9. How your optimal solution benefits your client

10. Your unique value proposition: why your solution triumphs over all other options

11. Comparable success vignettes

12. Costs in money, time, people, and other resources

13. Significant issues and deadlines, if necessary

14. Your prospective client’s return on investment

15. Profile of your company, testimonials, reviews, references, samples

16. An irresistible request for the contract

Government Proposal Writing Services
You get nothing in the government contract business when you finish second.
Our meticulous government proposal writers have produced winning proposals for most of the U.S. government agencies for 27 years. We take utmost pride in maintaining our 92 percent success rate. Our RFP proposal writers have captured almost $5 billion in government contracts for our clients. If you are responding to a government RFP (Request for Proposal), we will work tirelessly with you to create your optimal response, including:

Meticulous Review and Analysis
We conduct a comprehensive review of the RFP and associated documents to determine the requirements, level of risk, and optimum strategy.

Optimum Project Management:
We manage the entire RFP process including gathering essential in-house information, writing the proposal, and monitoring deadlines for team approvals. We make sure your proposal is submitted on time.

Unequivocal Compliance
Our custom compliance matrix details the necessary elements to ensure compliance with the evaluation criteria and all government RFP requirements.

Focused Proposal Outline/Design:
We produce a custom outline according to the RFP requirements and the optimum response strategy. We create the layout, format and graphics to best align with the proposal theme.

Relevant Certifications:
We include suitable certifications and licenses to reinforce the value proposition.

Optimized Documents:
We review, edit, proof read and optimize all required documents. When several subject matter experts provide content, we create a common optimized voice throughout the document. Optimal quality control is our benchmark.


Our proposal professionals have a proven history of preparing business proposals that win. Since our founding in 2015, we supported clients across diverse industries, including:


      • Aviation
      • Automotive Electronics
      • Banking
      • Business Process Engineering
      • Business Services
      • Call Centers
      • Construction
      • Construction Management
      • Cyber Security
      • Data Analytics
      • Debt Collection
      • Energy
      • Engineering
      • Environmental Remediation
      • Event Management
      • Facilities Management
      • Fitness Centers
      • Health Assessments
      • Hotels
      • Information Technology
      • Insurance
      • Inventory Management
      • Legal
      • Logistics
      • Manufacturing
      • Marketing and Outreach
      • Refuse and Recycle Collection
      • Robotics
      • Network Integration
      • Outdoor Tourism
      • Printing
      • Public Art
      • Research Management Systems
      • RFID Technology
      • Scanning and Document Preparation
      • Security Services
      • Software Development
      • Speech Coaching and Writing
      • Staffing
      • Systems Design
      • Translation Services

Our Proposal Development Services

For some clients, we follow their existing proposal development processes and our writer augments their team. For others, we implement our own processes and lead proposal development from start to finish. As a full-service company, we’re able to provide support across the proposal development life cycle. In addition to business proposal writing services, we provide the following support:

  • 1. Federal Proposal Writing
  • 2. Government Proposal Writing
  • 3. RFP Writing
  • 4. Graphic Design
  • 5. Proposal Management
  • 6. Editing
  • 7. Proposal Review
  • 8. Production
  • 9. Orals Coaching

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